Monday, July 18, 2011


Some see WEEDS......some see WISHES!

We are having a heat advisory this week in the midwest. The heat index is 114 degrees. It is hot and muggy. People who have outside jobs cannot work. Central air is great but after awhile, even then you start to feel the heat and humidity.  I was outside at dusk last night. I was watering my plants and getting bitten by mosquitoes. I was contemplating some things in my life and started to feel sorry for myself. Then, the thought came to mind...."Instead of complaining about what you do not thankful for everything that you do have." For some reason, that seemed really profound to me, even though I have heard it said in  many different ways, many different times. Sometimes we read other people's blogs and we think, "they are so blessed. They must have the best life, they have more followers than I do etc."  We start to compare ourselves to others. There will always be someone with more.....more talent money, beauty...... etc.    I see moms of all different ages comparing their kids to each other. It starts in pregnancy and then when they are infants. "Who is already sleeping through the night, who is potty-trained, who gets straight A's, who got a full-tuition scholarship, who is getting married, who is more successful and on it goes." When those comparative thoughts seep into my heart and mind, I often have to tell myself to STOP and count my blessings. There will always be someone with less....someone lonely....someone dealing with grief....someone with unpaid bills, someone facing marriage troubles....someone struggling with depression etc. We all live in this world and we all do the comparing game. But, we need to STOP, and instead of seeing WEEDS...........see WISHES! Be thankful and reach out a helping hand to someone who needs it! Someday it may be your turn to need a hand. I love this quote: "Be kinder than necessary, because every person you meet is facing some kind of a battle." And lastly, be kind to yourself! Stop beating yourself up! Be a friend to yourself! :O)

From My Heart to Yours, (stay cool and drink Iced Tea )

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