Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vintage Wedding Greeting Cards Have Arrived

They're finished! My sweet bride and groom photos are now mounted on Wedding greeting cards. They turned out so lovely! The cards are a heavy card stock in a soft french vanilla. They have deckle edges on the card and envelope. I just love the antique feel that this gives the cards. I lightly "kissed" the edges with a rich antique gold ink. I added a rich twine that is cream and gold. These just fill me with joy! I hope you love them as much as I do. Actual photographs mounted on these high-quality cards come with matching envelopes and are packaged individually in a clear glassine sleeve. Shipping for the first card is $1.50 and each additional card is only an additional $.50.  The newlyweds will love these unique cards! They were so fun to create. I hope you love them! HUGS.
You can find them in my etsy shop!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Keeps Flying

Time doesn't stand still! When I was younger it seemed like summer was never-ending. Because my birthday is in August, right before school would start, the approach of fall was always exciting for me. I would have new birthday clothes to wear to school!
Now that I am the mom and my kids are the ones returning to school, I have mixed feelings. Where did the summer go? Did I play enough? Will my kids have fond memories of this summer? You cannot go back and have a re-do but you can always begin creating new memories.
 I was at my parent's home this summer, and I was visiting my dad in his garage. Many wonderful things are created there! To say it's cluttered is an understatement but my dad knows where everything is, and I can honestly say, I have inherited some of his pack rat personality. I discovered a treasure in my father's garage! A BEAUTIFUL OLD CLOCK! There it was, sitting amidst the tools of his trade. I admired it and he told me the story of how he came to be the owner. To make a long story short, it's been in the family many years and now he possessed it. I loved the patina and the color of it and the graphic details. I am very sentimental and my dad knows this. He said, "you can have it." I was stunned and I said, "No, Dad. It's yours and you should keep it." He proceeded to insist on giving it to me and I almost cried. It's so beautiful and I will treasure it. It was given in love because he knew I would treasure it. It is a fitting reminder today to me of how time flies! Whenever I look at this clock, I think of my parents and the special moments I spent with them this summer. I also think of my children and how my time with them is flying by! They are my life and I love each one of them for their uniqueness and because God gave them to me as precious gifts from His hand!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Perfect Marriage

When I found this sweet pair at my favorite shop, I just had to take them home. Many years ago, I'm sure they sat atop a sweet wedding cake. Sadly, over the years, the groom lost his head, quite literally, for his bride. He was lovingly repaired and looks nearly perfect. I really enjoyed photographing them. I turned them this way and that way and snapped so many pictures. They seemd to enjoy the attention after all these years of sitting in a dusty china cabinet. They filled my heart with joy as I looked upon their round little faces. I wonder what the original bride and groom are doing today. I like to think that they are holding hands still and have weathered life's storms together. I'm sure that these two little cuties have some stories to share. Don't you wish they could talk! I am in the process of creating some greeting cards using photos of this adorable bride and groom. Be watching my etsy shop!