Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Keeps Flying

Time doesn't stand still! When I was younger it seemed like summer was never-ending. Because my birthday is in August, right before school would start, the approach of fall was always exciting for me. I would have new birthday clothes to wear to school!
Now that I am the mom and my kids are the ones returning to school, I have mixed feelings. Where did the summer go? Did I play enough? Will my kids have fond memories of this summer? You cannot go back and have a re-do but you can always begin creating new memories.
 I was at my parent's home this summer, and I was visiting my dad in his garage. Many wonderful things are created there! To say it's cluttered is an understatement but my dad knows where everything is, and I can honestly say, I have inherited some of his pack rat personality. I discovered a treasure in my father's garage! A BEAUTIFUL OLD CLOCK! There it was, sitting amidst the tools of his trade. I admired it and he told me the story of how he came to be the owner. To make a long story short, it's been in the family many years and now he possessed it. I loved the patina and the color of it and the graphic details. I am very sentimental and my dad knows this. He said, "you can have it." I was stunned and I said, "No, Dad. It's yours and you should keep it." He proceeded to insist on giving it to me and I almost cried. It's so beautiful and I will treasure it. It was given in love because he knew I would treasure it. It is a fitting reminder today to me of how time flies! Whenever I look at this clock, I think of my parents and the special moments I spent with them this summer. I also think of my children and how my time with them is flying by! They are my life and I love each one of them for their uniqueness and because God gave them to me as precious gifts from His hand!

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