Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweet Little Nest

Every spring I have little birds who race to see who can build a nest in my silk flowers that hang on the outside doors of my home. Little sparrows were last year's tenants. The other day, I was alerted to the fact that birds were acting like kamikaze fighters at my front door. People were being dived at while ringing the door bell. I went out to see what all the commotion was. I didn't think that the birds would be busy was so early. I peered in among the flowers and this is what I found!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lilacs and Lace

By Amy Lowell
False blue,
Color of lilac,
Your great puffs of flowers
Are everywhere in this my New England.   
Among your heart-shaped leaves
Orange orioles hop like music-box birds and sing   
Their little weak soft songs;
In the crooks of your branches
The bright eyes of song sparrows sitting on spotted eggs   
Peer restlessly through the light and shadow   
Of all Springs.
Lilacs in dooryards
Holding quiet conversations with an early moon;   
Lilacs watching a deserted house
Settling sideways into the grass of an old road;
Lilacs, wind-beaten, staggering under a lopsided shock of bloom
Above a cellar dug into a hill.
You are everywhere.
You were everywhere.
You tapped the window when the preacher preached his sermon,
And ran along the road beside the boy going to school.
You stood by the pasture-bars to give the cows good milking,   
You persuaded the housewife that her dishpan was of silver.   
And her husband an image of pure gold.   
Years ago, when I was a young mother, my family and I lived in a parsonage owned by the church my husband worked at. We were very limited in our finances and I was expecting our third child. I lived far away from the home I grew up in, that boasted some lovely lilac bushes. I would walk around town in spring and see yards with glorious lilacs blooming. I remember wishing I had a lilac bush of my own. I wished that someone would bring me a bouquet of the fragrant beauties. Blame it on the hormones, but I remember almost crying over the lilacs I did not have. So, years later, I thoroughly enjoy the lilac bush that my children gave to me a few Mother's Days ago. This is the first bloom from the bush this year. It isn't even quite open yet. I had to take a photo with a few of my favorite things! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I ran into my Hallmark store to pick out a birthday card for my sister. Beautiful cards are my thing. They are expensive but a thoughtfully selected card conveys just the right sentiment for the moment. I noticed the slogan on the bag when I got home. "Life is a special occasion." It stopped me in my tracks for a moment. Even though I know it's a Hallmark promotional phrase, I love it! I hope to have this philosophy when I am old and gray ( oh wait, I already am graying)...let me re-phrase this. Throughout my life, no matter how long it lasts, I hope that I have this attitude. Some days are tough to get through and some days are like a beautiful summer breeze.
I was styling some photos for my etsy shop the other day, when I decided to take a few shots just for the beauty of it.
I hope you take the time to make today a special occasion and simply view the beauty around you and love those in your path.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

She Said YES!

My oldest child, my only girl, got engaged this week. Her father and I knew that is was going to happen, because her boyfriend had called us ahead of time! She was so surprised! It was a very sweet proposal with lots of fun and romantic details, complete with roses and balloons and a family heirloom diamond. Her groom-to-be, will be the perfect husband to cherish our special girl. We are so happy for them.
Let the festive planning begin! I cannot wait to fly to visit my daughter and go wedding dress shopping!
We both have lots of ideas already and thankfully we like many of the same things so the planning will be so fun! I definitely will not be one of the infamous mothers on "Say Yes to the Dress.".
Let the fun begin on the journey to forever!