Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love Like Jesus

A little peek into my life.....
The other day I was feeling a little bit crabby and a little discouraged. Nothing big, just feeling blah. I was waiting for my youngest son to get off his bus at school. A young man who obviously had Down Syndrome, came out of the school and hesitated before crossing in front of my van. I smiled and motioned with my hand for him to cross in front of me. His whole face lit up and he smiled at me like I was his best friend in the whole wide world and he waved vigorously at me for a couple seconds as if he hadn't seen me in a long while and was thrilled to see me!  I had never met him before. He then happily crossed in front of my car and got into his brother's car to go home. I cannot tell you how my heart was touched. I felt like smiling and crying at the same time. It was so sweet! He was an angel. My mood changed and I couldn't erase the smile on my face for a long while and I keep thinking about this encounter.
I teach a pre-school class at our church. The Bible story this week that we were learning as a class was this one from the book of Mark. Jesus had drawn a crowd of people with His teaching and many parents were bringing their little ones to see Jesus and wanted Jesus to bless them and touch them. The disciples, who probably thought they were being helpful,  told the parents to back off and to stop crowding Jesus and for them to take the children away. I absolutely love Jesus' response and I love the strong language the Bible uses. Jesus was ticked!
"When Jesus saw this, he was INDIGNANT. He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
I talked with my little class of three and four year olds about how wonderful it would have been to hug Jesus and have Him talk with them. Their little faces were so animated imagining this! Jesus would have loved to hug the young man who waved at me! Someday He will! 
I think we all could learn a lesson from this sweet-hearted, special, young man. He had no inhibitions about greeting a stranger like a long-lost friend and making me feel like I was special to him. We do not have any excuse for the way we treat each other and the lack of true emotion that we do not show to each other! Why don't we show those around us how special they are to us!? Why don't we greet each other so enthusiastically? We are too mature and sophisticated! Hmmm.... here is a quote that has blessed me this week as I ponder on these thoughts.

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” Mother Teresa. 

Have a cozy week and take time to love each's what really matters after all! Remember that your words can either discourage or encourage.....Love Like Jesus!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Year! I had all of my chicks in the nest this year, so I was a happy and blessed mommy. I shopped, wrapped, mailed, knitted, baked, cooked, decorated, nursed a sick cat, cleaned, laughed, cried, got beat at Scrabble, praised God, traveled, hugged, sipped Peppermint Mochas, listened to political candidates, ( I live in Iowa) and then.....sat in my chair and read for awhile. I am reading a collection of fiction called, "Log Cabin Christmas", it just suits me right now. We had no snow for Christmas. After all the activities that I enjoyed and pushed myself to is what I feel like right now.
I would like to stay here for a week....maybe by myself! :O) It will never happen, but it is kind of fun to plan a week of solitude, even if only in my mind!
I will need a stack of dry firewood to keep my fire going! When I was a young girl, I stacked many cords of wood just like this. I LOVE the fragrance of freshly split wood. There is something very satisfying about creating a neat stack of wood.
 I will be doing a lot of reading, curled up by the fireplace!
I will put on my boots and take a walk in the crunchy snow and probably see a few of God's creatures!

I will inhale the deep, crisp, clean scent of the winter that is mingled with the tang of pine trees, that are thankful they were overlooked another holiday and did not become a decoration in someone's home.
When I come back in, I will definitely need a hot soak. (don't you adore the movie, "The Holiday"?) I need to watch it again very soon. That one and "You've Got Mail" are pretty much my favorite movie escapes.
I would sip a lot of black tea and some coffee too. I would go without makeup (except I might scare even myself) and wear slippers and pj's all day, except when I ventured out into the snow. I would love spending time in prayer with God.....clearing all the cobwebs away. A dark cozy, warm,quiet cabin suits me right now. How about you?
Okay, so after a few days, I am sure I would be lonely and miss my family, but it is fun to think about and right now it just sounds wonderful to me. What do you think? Would you like to go too? We could stop at antique stores on the way. You could have the cabin next to mine if you like! I think I got this idea when my husband and I visited Estes Park, Colorado. I saw a lot of sweet little cabins that I just adored. God gave me quite an imagination and most of the time that is a good thing! I think I need to go get dressed now and get back to my to-do list!