Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Book Wreaths

I have the best time making my vintage book wreaths. I choose a book that has the size pages that I want, a lovely font and here I go. I get my hot glue gun fired up, scissors and plenty of glue sticks. ( I go through a lot) I usually turn on HGTV and sit for hours composing a new book wreath. It really does take hours. I have such a sense of satisfaction when it is done and I stand back and think...."cool! I love it!" I have given them as gifts, sold them on etsy and scattered them throughout my home. Today's wreath is especially sweet! I found an old Little House on the Prairie book and decided that it needed to become a beautiful wreath. I finished it off with a tattered Shabby Chic roses rosette and ribbons. The colors are soft and soothing and neutral. My wreaths are so cool because they are vintage but modern! They look like they came from an Anthropologie display or from the windows of West Elm! I also will confess that I burn my fingers many times as I compose these wreaths. My freshly painted nails get wrecked from gobs of hot glue! When, I am done, I am always so pleased. Each one is different!

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