Friday, July 22, 2011

I feel Pretty!

I just love antique books~falling apart, tattered, written in, covers falling off, yellowed pages, beautiful fonts,lovely photos, thick creamy old crispy pages.....can you tell that I love OLD BOOKS? I have an especially beautiful stack of really old and really tattered books that are missing their covers. I bought them for a song because I think the store owner thought they were JUNK! Can you imagine???? Be still my heart!
I also love hydrangeas. I have some growing in my yard. They are lovely. I also have a local source for the most beautiful dried hydrangea bunches. Every spring and every fall, I pay a visit to a lady with a wonderful green thumb. She sells bundles of dried hydrangeas tied with twine for a couple dollars a bunch. This spring I also bought fat pussy willow buds from her too. Sometimes she has Sweet Annie as well. I love to replenish my hydrangeas with new ones. Above is the result of a photo shoot I did with my OLD BOOK STACK  and some dried hydrangeas! Pretty!!!

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Tarnished and Tattered said...

Love that combo too, this summer about killed off my bushes tho. Your pictures are amazing! What photo editing tool do you use?