Friday, July 15, 2011


There is something that I really love about hollyhocks. I love the way they stand up tall and reach for the sky. I love how they look great just growing wild and free without needing to be tended. I adore their bumpy round seed pods and how they look beautiful fully open or fully closed in a bud. I love watching big fat bumblebees bury down into the center of these beauties and be so busy gathering up pollen that they don't notice or bother you. I would love to have an old farmhouse with a white picket fence with lots of these growing helter-skelter against it. Oh yes, I love how you can save your seeds and share with friends.
The above photo reminds me of an old-fashioned seed packet!
 I added some texture to the photo above and I think it looks like an antique postcard image!
This last photo is just so vibrant and pretty! Enjoy!

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