Monday, October 1, 2012

Shades of Fall

I have yet to get to the pumpkin farm this year, I definitely need to get some sweet little pumpkins for my home.  But in spite of that, I am surrounded by the colors of fall. Everywhere I look I am seeing beautiful vignettes created by an amazing Artist. The fall harvest is underway in my neighborhood. I snapped a couple photos this morning for my dad, who lives in NY and loves to refurbish old tractors.
As I was delicately hopping around the corn field trying to get some cool shots, it dawned on me that it was deer hunting season and I was in a corn field that was half-harvested and I quickly decided I wouldn't linger too long.
The other day, I had the opportunity to purchase some beautiful old law books. They had been left behind in an old law office. As soon as I saw them, I loved them. They have a very distinct Restoration Hardware vibe. What do you think?
These beautiful books are in my etsy shop. They would look gorgeous at a wedding reception on the guest tables. I have lots more if you need lots! :o)
Around the corner from me is a beautiful pasture and as I was driving past, I spied this sweet little baby with his mama!
He had just been born a few days before. He is a miniature pony. How cute is he?! I wanted to pet him but he wouldn't get far enough away from his mama.
He was curious about me and wondered what I was doing. I tried calling him but realized that I was calling him like I would call my kitties. I think he thought I was pretty weird....interesting....but weird.
I feel blessed to have so many beautiful things to admire in the area we live! What shades of fall surround you?

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Have a nice fall week darling...oh so cute !!!