Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome Autumn

Fall is approaching with tiny steps in my part of the world. It is still very warm here but the nights are getting cooler and the leaves are dropping. This is my favorite time of year! I love jeans and cardigans and all the gifts God gives to us in the beauty of the earth. I love decorating my home with nature-inspired elements and I especially love all the little furry and fluffy creatures that share God's creation with us. When my grandmother was still with us, I loved picking out Marjolein Bastin cards to mail to her. My gram loved little squirrels and bunnies and I knew that sending her these cards really brightened her day. You can read more about Marjolein Bastin here
I thought I would share a couple of beautiful Autumn inspired pieces by this beloved artist. 
The squirrels have really been busy around my home lately. They really love chestnuts. Iowa squirrels are larger and reddish like the one in this drawing.
These masked cuties seem to be prowling around more than ever as well! I cannot help it I think they are so cute! Probably because they remind me of kitties!
I love the details on these leaves and I love the tape that cause this to look like a naturalist journal. Very Beatrix Potter!
The artist's tools and her inspiration!
The gold finch is the Iowa state bird. I bought a beautiful thistle feeder late this summer but so far no success in attracting these little beauties to my yard. My husband tells me it is because our two cats are always looking out the window watching the world go by...I suppose that might be a correct theory!
I hope whatever you are doing today that you are enjoying the details of the smallest of God's creations today! They are gifts especially for you from a God who adores you!

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