Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crazy for Mason Jars

The other day I found the most beautiful antique canning jars at my favorite vintage shop! They were in such perfect condition for being so old. If only they could talk...they would tell stories of canned green beans, sweet pickles, ripe red tomatoes....sitting quietly on a cellar shelf....waiting for the cold winds of winter to blow and the lady of the house to make a hearty stew with their contents to serve up hot to her waiting and chilled family!
I took these perfect jars home and my mind got to spinning with ideas! It was a beautiful day outside and these jars needed a lovely kiss of paint! I chose a warm French vanilla and loved the result. The raised graphics on these pretty jars now stand out with their beautiful lettering! Aren't they lovely?
Now they have a different tale to tell!

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