Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last Days of Beauty

After a drought all summer, we have had two dreary,cold and rainy days. The last of the leaves are blowing down and getting soaked. We really needed this rain so no one is complaining but it's a big change for us in Northwest Iowa. Thought I would share one last peek of Autumn with you.
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How do you decorate your home to reflect this cozy time of year?
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Recently my husband and I took a trip to Snowmass Colorado. The above photo was captured on a sunny brisk day!
I spotted this old barn nestled in a little valley coming down the mountain from Snowmass.

I hope that you are enjoying the changing seasons and staying cozy in your house!


It's me said...

Lov your autumn post Darling....happyweekend love

Jess said...

Your posts are so tranquil and beautiful. I can feel my heart calm and my shoulders relax when I read your words and see the sweet photos. :)