Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Tea

My husband and I got to take a trip to Colorado. My husband is a pastor and our denomination hosts a retreat each year. This year it was in Snowmass Colorado. I'm glad it was the off-season and there was no snow. We stopped in Aspen to walk around a bit and window shop.
I went into L'Occitane with a friend and fell in love with their Green Tea fragrance. I especially loved it in this little tin of solid perfume. It smells glorious.
This is how the fragrance is described by L'Occitane. "Subtle complex of fresh aromas uplifts your mood--transporting you to green fields laced with the fragrances of bitter orange, jasmine, cedar and thyme. Invigorating as a Spring day. Appreciated equally by men and women for its tonic green aroma that creates sensations of well-being and freshness"
If you are looking to try a new fragrance, I suggest this one. I am very choosy about my fragrances and rarely find one that I just LOVE! If you have a store near you stop by and see what you think!

Here I am "cuddling" up to this bear sculpture made completely from nails. Ouch. I backed into him for the photo but he "bit" me. You can learn more about the artist here.
Aspen is a very dog-friendly village. Everyone has several dogs that they walk around with. When they go into a shop or restaurant they tie their leash up or if they are not on a leash they simply tell the puppy to sit and wait while the owner browses in Kate Spade or Ralph Lauren. It's crazy! I cannot tell you how many nice mannered doggies I petted while visiting! It was a fun place to visit and look around.
In my crock pot are Sloppy Joes. Perfect for a freezing cold day! I love my crock pot!

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Jess said...

Beautiful, sister! You are looking so fashionable in your scarf. <3 your sense of style!! :)