Thursday, September 22, 2011

These are the Days

Sometimes I get into a rut. I either think about the sweetness of "days gone by" or I think about, "As soon as I get through this...then my life will be happier..."
I get so caught up, looking down at my "to-do" list and feeling stressed by "what's ahead", that I forget to notice what is taking place right now! Each day is another filled-up page in my family memory book. What will we write in it today? Did I tell the kids that I love them before they went out the door? Have I told my husband how thankful I am for him lately? Was I crabby today? Did I smile enough? Did I show the love of God in my life today to those around me? Did I encourage someone who needed it? Was I thankful just to be alive? Did I really LISTEN when others were talking? Did I talk with God?
When was the last time that I called my parents and said "thanks" for everything? "Thanks for taking care of me when I was a little girl? Thanks for all of the memories we made together."  I don't live near my parents, so I can't visit with them as much as I would love to. For 46 years, they have loved me. How blessed am I?! I have lots of pages in my memory books filled with precious days.
 I need to stop wishing for yesterday or dreaming of tomorrow or grumbling that today isn't what I wish it was! These are the days that we dream about....tomorrow. Today, the time we spend with those we love, will perhaps, become our fondest, treasured memories tomorrow. 


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

These are good thoughts for today! I especially like the end quote. I'm a new follower! I've been featuring your blog for a while now. I wonder how I missed signing up before? Have a great day!

It's me said...

What a beautiful post !! from

Jill said...

I wrote about these feelings more or less awhile back. I try to pray "May today be enough." when I feel this way. And, no surprise, it usually is by the end of my prayer. I'm so happy to have met you.