Sunday, September 4, 2011

Faded Garden

It's starting to feel like summer is fading. I think there is something very beautiful about garden flowers that are a bit past their prime. I was in Anthropologie one time, and I picked up a vase of flowers that looked so beautiful, but fading and drying. I had to laugh because they weren't for sale! They were a display that was a bit close to being thrown out. Truth be told, I think an employee forgot them. Leave it to me, to be attracted to the one item, that wasn't for sale, but had a faded charm! The other day, I picked a little bouquet of Black-Eyed Susans from my backyard and arranged them in an antique blue Mason jar. They looked sweet for about a week and then I noticed that they were nearly due to be discarded. I looked down at my hand as I was about to toss them, and I realized that I loved them. They were a bit wilted and tattered and withered. I knew I had to try and capture their Faded Charm before it was gone. The result looked so perfect that I had to share it with you!

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