Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Fall has definitely arrived in the Midwest! Crisp nights with temps down into the 50's and sunny days in the low 70's. It is my favorite time of year. I find it comforting to wear jeans again and cardigan sweaters. The only part I dislike about the season is knowing what season comes next!
I have a crabapple tree in my backyard. The woodpeckers have drilled it's bark and it's not the healthiest tree but it's beautiful for about a week or so in the spring with soft pink blossoms. But right now, it has dying leaves and little red apples that are very hard. I have made crabapple jelly before from these little apples and it is very good. I have included a recipe with elaborate directions for you to give it a try too. It tastes especially good on toast with a cup of hot tea! Enjoy!

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