Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunflower Success


A garden of Sunflowers beckoned to me -
Come join us, my lady, and joyous you'll be!
We're large ones and small ones, some dainty and fair,
And even some delicate to wear in your hair.
We follow the sun, swaying slowly without a care,
We have a new dance that with you we will share.
Gently hold onto our leaves, allow us to lead the way,
To our Sunflower two-step, dancing throughout the day.
I couldn't resist them, so dandy a sight!
So off I did go in my Sunflower flight.
What a glorious time, right up til twilight,
And then I had to bid my Sunflowers good-night.
So happy were we, a long day filled with fun,
Upon leaving I kissed them, each and every one.
So tender the moment, as I turned to leave.
With eyes brimmed with tears, could I truly believe?
OH! It was so true!! I then knew it to be!!!
I had to smile, 'cause they were all winking at me!!!! 
~Author Unknown 
  I just had to share this beautiful sunflower from my garden with you! I had shared earlier this spring that the bugs were eating all of my sunflowers. I replanted them five different times. Finally, after spraying the bugs so many times with insecticidal soap, they finally gave up. They decided I wasn't going away and they might as well move on to eating other flowers. They must have been sick of seeing me coming after them every night with my spray bottle! I was determined that I would have at least a few beautiful sunflowers in my garden. SUCCESS! I have three healthy and growing plants. By the looks of the amount of buds, I shall have many lovely sunflowers before the fall is over. I am so happy! This photo is the first brave flower to bloom! Right before I snapped this photo, a big fat bumblebee was buried up to his bee armpits in sunflower pollen. When he saw me, he flew away! I hope that this photo brightens your day like it did mine! Hugs and Tweets to you!

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