Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have a Sweet Day

Do you need a little mini-vacation without leaving your desk? Here are some beautiful things to make you smile.....JUST BECAUSE......I love you all and God has a beautiful plan for your life. I just wanted you to know it!
Autumn is approaching and it is my favorite time of the year! What do you love about fall? I used to live near the foothills of the Adironadack Mountains. The hills would literally be ablaze with vibrant, russet red and bittersweet orange.. One of my favorite things to eat in the fall, when I lived there, was freshly made Apple Cider Donuts. So tender and yummy....covered with cinnamon and sugar. Oh my, I'm salivating!
 Maybe your idea of a little vacation would be a trip to Paris to go "fleaing". That would be sweet too! The other day I awoke from a dream that so wonderful. I was at an estate sale and I was finding hidden treasures that no one wanted and no one else had spotted and it was every beautiful shabby thing I loved. Imagine that! Did you ever have a dream like that?
Don't you wish you had a closer look at what is on these tables? But one thing I see that I do not like....everyone looks like they are dressed for winter and so do the trees! Brr. Think I will go make a cup of coffee with Parisian Creamer right now in my cozy kitchen! HUGS and TWEETS!
Let your light shine to those around you so that the love of God shines clearly to each and every person you encounter today!

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