Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday

I've been so busy these last few days. My husband has been away~taking grad classes. While he has been away, I have been running the house, eating junk, teaching children, thrifting, doctor's appointments, reading, finding pretty things on pinterest, and all the usual things moms do. My husband is coming home tonight, so I am cooking a real meal and I am starving already. Just wanted to say hello and share some loveliness with you!
Did you eat too much sugar for Valentine's Day?
Aren't these lovely gifts? Wouldn't you love to give these to someone special?
Wouldn't this be a magical wedding gown? Too bad it's in a museum! :O)
Isn't this the loveliest egg print? I especially love the aqua and the speckled eggs. My style is heavily influenced by my love of nature. I love ruffles and lace and most things Shabby Chic but I definitely love rustic farmhouse treasures the Shabbier the better!
Hope you have your best friend to hang with this weekend!

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Happy weekend !!