Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frosty February

We woke up to beautiful frozen fog clinging to simply everything! The artist in me, could not resist grabbing my camera and attempting to capture the beauty around me. My hands were freezing but I kept snapping.
The pine trees had been flocked with fog by the hand of the Creator!  It hadn't snowed at all, it was all frozen fog!
Right before Christmas, my trusty camera met with a sad demise. My sweet and kind-hearted husband surprised me with a new one Christmas morning. I loved it but was quite overwhelmed with learning the new technology. Little by little, I have been experimenting with it! On some of these photos I used the Snow setting and some I used the Landscape setting.
Everywhere I looked, beauty abounded! I knew it would be soon be melted off and the lovely frost would evaporate. It looked like a fairy-wedding and I felt like a special guest! 
Even an abandoned farm-yard looked magical! I was blessed to have been able to take the time to capture these images. An hour later, the beauty was gone. The mud and dead sticks were left and they didn't look pretty anymore.What a fun time I had with these photos! Don't you just love it when God shows off just for us?!


Sara Crane said...

the barn with the smiley face - is the farm where my mom grew up... i loved your photo of it!
it was truly a beautiful morning!

KingdomKards said...

What a good God who has put us in His beautiful world!