Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Raccoon Halloween

I was coming home about 8PM last night. It was dark. I saw some shadows ahead of me. At the corner of two quiet streets there is a large storm sewer drain. In the glow of the street light and my headlights, I could see THREE large raccoons, peering out of the drain. They looked to be in the process of getting ready to "go out". I quickly drove around the corner and jumped out of my car and told my youngest son to hop in. I was hoping to show him a fun sight. I stopped my car and we watched as the three raccoons climbed out of their "home". Instantly, another masked face peeked out from the drain as well! FOUR! He eased his chubby body out and ambled off right behind the other three. Then a FIFTH popped out! My son and I were having our own little circus show! Then the SIXTH peeked out and shuffled off right in the line too. Finally, the SEVENTH large raccoon climbed out! We were laughing and joking and loving what we were watching. What was just as funny, was that they went walking down the road, single-file, in a line, down the middle of the dark road.....all SEVEN OF THEM! I told my son that they were going Trick-or-Treating! We laughed so hard! Never have I ever witnessed such a sight as we got to see! I wish everyone could have watched this performance. It was like something out of an old cartoon show.
This little book is how I think of raccoons! I think they are cute! I know they are menaces but I like them! Maybe because they look like kittys!
I definitely think this was what was happening last night!!!!!!!!!!

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