Friday, May 13, 2011

Lace Envy and Regret

I took a few minutes to run into my my favorite thrift store today. I really didn't have time to, but I didn't want to miss any treasures. I was doing my usual "speed shopping" when it happened. I saw a nice lady carefully holding a stack of antique doilies. I wish I could have seen my face. I casually walked a bit closer to look at what she was holding. She probably had about five gorgeous, handmade, crocheted doilies in creams and ecru and they looked lovely. Not your usual dime-a-dozen variety. I did a little self-talk and told myself to not look again. BUT, I did! They looked even prettier. I casually sauntered over and took a closer look. I was very subtle...she had no idea. I walked around quickly hoping to find some more, but there were none. She was holding her husband's hand and standing in the line to pay. She seemed very pleased. I left with nothing but a case of "lace envy". I don't like when that happens. If I had been there a few minutes earlier, I would have been holding those frothy, lacy treasures. Ever have days like that? I would love to know what she did with them. I hope she treasures them and creates something lovely! Seriously, I'm happy for her and she had a happy day! Life is good! Next time it will be my turn! I hope someone will be happy for me too! Life is too short to waste our energy on, "could haves" or "lace envy."

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Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I love this post and can so identify with occasional bouts of lace envy. You are time it will be your turn. Luckily, our world is full of lace and all sorts of beauty. You have a lovely blog! :)