Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April in Nashville

I had the lovely privilege of going to Nashville to visit my grown-up daughter for a week. In looks, she favors my husband, but in style and tastes, she is all mine! It's so fun that we love so many of the same things. As she has gotten older, we have become more than mother and daughter, we have become best of friends. Anytime, I can visit her is a heart-filling time of joy! I wanted to take all of you in my carry-on but I didn't think the TSA would allow it. Security didn't like me one bit in Omaha. They took away my water bottle from my carry on and wouldn't let me drink my just-purchased cup of hot tea in the security line. My carry-on bag got stuck in the conveyer belt and they had to "pat me down" because the x-ray machine did not "like" my necklace.

So, here we go. Pretend you came along with me and got to see the sights I saw. It was the most beautiful time to visit, as everything was so green and the glorious dogwoods were blooming. So many homes are made of brick and the dogwood looks especially pleasing with a brick back drop. We visited antique shops in Franklin and Hillsboro village. We went hiking in the woods. We drank black tea lemonades at Starbucks and sampled lovely sandwiches at Bread and Company. We split a huge cupcake from a trendy shop and then realized that we shouldn't have eaten it when we both felt a little too "sweet". We made muslin rolled roses together. I had brought along the latest Somerset Life with me to read on the plane. The magazine gave great instructions for making them. Before you know it, it was time for me to say goodbye. I tearfully walked into the airport and tried to compose myself. She is the sweetest daughter and she has a love for God and for people. She is a hard-working nurse and I am so proud of her!

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