Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not-so-Common Cold

I would love to know who coined the insulting phrase,"the common cold." If you are struggling with rampaging cold symptoms it feels anything but "common".
The one smart thing I did at the beginning of the week when my symptoms were beginning was make a huge pot of soup. All this week whenever I felt hungry but didn't really want to eat anything this soup filled with veggies was the only thing that really made me feel better.
I had a low grade fever and felt very weak as well as having red watering eyes and the typical nasty cold symptoms.
I shuffled around in my pjs all day with absolutely no make up on (which is astonishing even for me) and tried to comfort myself the best I knew how. Two of my children have had mono this year so in the middle of the night, I freaked myself out with the thought that perhaps I had mono. Once I calmed down and googled the symptoms on my iphone at 3AM in bed, I drank some Sleepy Time tea and realized I did not have mono....just the "common cold".
I have a flannel neck wrap filled with soothing herbs that I heat in the microwave and I used that a lot this week. It is heavy and sometimes that gets claustrophobic but for the most part I love it.
I would love to say that my servants aka Downton Abbey~esque served me pots of perfectly brewed tea but let's just say I zapped a lot of tea in my microwave! LOL
There have been so many people sick with illnesses much worse than my own that I don't want to complain too badly but I must say it has been one long week. Today is the first day that I don't have any fever and I feel a bit of energy returning to do laundry and take care of my family.
I was wishing to hide away from everything in this little cabin until I recuperated. I pray that no one else in my family gets this nasty virus. They would have my every ounce of sympathy if they did. I would know exactly what to do to help them feel better.
Now I can perhaps get myself looking back to "normal" after the "common cold". I hope you are feeling well and avoiding the many illnesses that are around. If you come down with a nasty cold you can send me a message and I can offer you some advice and sympathy.
Whenever I see a little sparrow, it reminds me of how much God loves me. The Bible says He even cares for the little sparrows and how MUCH more important I am to Him. I saw a little sparrow in the snowy tree today and I know God sent him to say "hello, I haven't forgotten you my dear daughter." Isn't God good like that to us?! Blessings to you and to your health!

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Amen !!...i hope you feeling better