Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Short Summer

I can't believe that my busy summer is over and that my last blog post was in June. I spent a lot of time taking care of my family, my church family, house-guests, helping my daughter with her wedding plans and taking a two-week trip to upstate NY to visit our extended families.
I finally feel like my life is settling back down into some semblance of normalcy (whatever that might be). My kids are back to school (middle school and college) and my days are a little bit more of my own. I am still unpacking purchases from my trip. I went to some awesome estate sales, a mega church sale (so many treasures, my hands were shaking~ trying to see it all before everyone else and running back to my car to unload and run back for more.) and did some fun shopping with my sisters. I found a beautiful shabby chic style set of Ralph Lauren sheets that I needed for a really awesome price at a Marshalls. So luxurious!
I came home to 10 foot tall sunflowers blooming in my yard. They were tipping over and my husband did not find that tipping over look attractive. He was doing some yard work and informed me he was going to cut them down. I ran out with my scissors to cut as many blooms as I could. ( I know, "don't run with scissors!") They stayed gorgeous in my antique ironstone pitcher for more than a week, dropping thick yellow pollen on anything that anyone set near them...including my husband's I PHONE (serves him right for chopping down my sunflowers LOL)
As they were getting past their prime, I wanted to photograph them because I think they are so beautiful this way. They look very "Monet" to me! 
I had a quiet morning today. I made my famous banana bread and some Adzuki bean chili for my crock pot. I decided that I would just stay home today and not even run to the grocery store. But when my new friend called to invite me to an auction I happily ran out with her. There were some treasures to be had amidst the raindrops but so many people were bidding wildly high on everything. I came home with nothing but my girlfriend found an adorable old radio that she wants to use in a vignette in her new home. Better luck next time to me! Still, it was fun except my leather Fossil purse was getting wet and so was I.
I hope your summer was wonderful and if it wasn't, I pray that you can find some peace and harmony in your heart and home this fall.
Hugs and Tweets!


It's me said...

Hi darling ...welcome time for my give away......and my new born first sort of the

Cindy said...

Awwww, what a wonderful thing for your dad and the kitties, to have the relationship they did. So sorry about his loss, but wow, 14 years is a pretty long life for a feral cat, so he must have done well by them.