Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Story of Lady Bella (as I imagine it)

In 1906 a beautiful raven-haired beauty left the old country and emigrated to New York City. Bella was an expert with a needle and thread. She found a job at a tiny dressmaker shop. The owner was a kind woman who also rented a teeny upstairs flat to Bella. Only 20 years old, she was alone in the world except for a maiden aunt who lived across the city. As Bella would sit in the store-front window and stitch fine garments for wealthy New York socialites, she wistfully wondered if she would spend the rest of her life alone and poor. One day, a registered letter came to her and much to her disbelief, Bella found out that she was really an heiress and an unknown relative had bequeathed his entire estate to her. When her life settled down into a comforting routine, Lady Bella opened her own high-fashion boutique and oversaw all of her employees for the rest of her life. She lived on a large estate and collected butterflies and children with her devoted husband. Lady Bella was often known for her kindnesses to poor immigrants and was loved by all who knew her for her beautiful heart.

This original My Sparrows Nest collage is a one of a kind creation. Approx 8X6 inches. An antique book cover is the foundation of this piece. Antique ephemera carefully chosen from antique books and old envelopes and snippets from vintage pages. A blue heart was cut from the rich blue velvet ribbon from a hat from the turn of the century. Sweet tatting and lingerie laces, tulle and silk scraps and all vintage treasures. I hope you fall in love with Lady Bella.

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