Friday, October 29, 2010

Layers of Flowers

I have been dreaming about these flowers for just about forever. I started coffee/vanilla staining the coffee filters several months ago and I tucked them away for a later day. I recently visited a sweet paper shop in Nashville and saw some similar flowers. Then I went to Anthropologie and saw some different paper blooms. Sometimes ideas need to percolate in my mind for awhile before I actually get out my stash and attempt to create what has grown to be a dream in my imagination. I didn't have a tutorial and I had only my creative instincts to go by. After several hours of snipping,distressing, and of course TWEAKING....voila! Here they are and they are lovely! There are layers upon layers of coffee filters,vintage tulle,tissue from vintage sewing patterns(love the graphics),slippery vintage satin and finished off with laces and an antique mother of pearl button. What I especially love about them is that the more you scrunch and fluff them the more gorgeous they become! My sweet daughter will definitely be getting one of these in the mail for her adorable apartment! It's so fun that we share many of the same tastes! I just love that girl!

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Jess said...

Can I just say, I LOVE that they are made out of coffee filters, old sewing patterns, are amazing!!!!!!!!